Legislative Efforts

IOGAWV Governmental Relations Services include working with legislative and executive agencies at both the state and federal level to inform them about issues facing the industry and to encourage them to support the oil and natural gas industry with favorable legislative acts and executive decisions which protect our industry. IOGAWV also works closely with the various state and federal regulatory and environmental agencies to ensure fair and equal representation for the industry.

IOGAWV’s outstanding lobbying team includes Charlie Burd (IOGAWV Executive Director) Philip A. Reale and Jim Fealy (Philip A. Reale, LLP), and Daniel Hall.  In addition, IOGAWV is fortunate to have George Patterson (Bowles Rice, LLP), David Yaussy, and Mark Clark (Spilman Thomas & Battle, LLP) as legal counsel in these matters.

This veteran group of energy experts is collectively one of the most respected lobbying teams working the West Virginia Capitol and they devote their undivided attention to protecting our right to explore, develop, drill, produce, transport and market, oil, natural gas and value added liquids.