IOGAWV Members Speaking at 2nd ABGPA Midstream Conference

IOGAWV Executive Director Charlie Burd, along with other IOGAWV members, is speaking at the 2nd Annual Appalachian Basin GPA Midstream (ABGPA Midstream) Conference on Thursday, September 20th. Burd will be part of the O&G Associations Panel, Steve Hedrick of MATRIC is giving an update on the Appalachian Storage and Trading Hub, David Marks of Dominion [...]

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Summer Meeting News Coverage

Please read these samples of the media coverage from the Summer Meeting. From the West Virginia News: The opening of the Independent Oil and Gas Association of West Virginia’s summer meeting early Monday continued the organization’s push to promote what current President Marc Monteleone said are great opportunities in the natural gas and oil industry [...]

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Ethane storage hub may boost West Virginia economy (Daily Mail WV)

A key project consistently linked to West Virginia's China Energy deal is being pitched as the backbone of a petrochemical - and economic - revival in the Mountain State. West Virginia's congressional delegation is partnering with industry groups pushing for what could be an epicenter for the underground storage of natural gas liquids and chemical [...]

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Ethane storage hub: Tri-state agreement aims for cooperation first (Daily Mail WV)

Officials in West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania are all vying for a piece of the petrochemical pie, served up hot and fresh from the region's boom in natural gas production. Although the three states compete with each other for investments like the Appalachian Storage and Trading Hub, an agreement between them aims to promote the [...]

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Finance Chairmen: Natural Gas Severance Taxes Too Volatile to Properly Fund PEIA

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – The Chairmen of the Legislature’s two Finance Committees said increasing severance taxes on natural gas would be the wrong way to properly fund the Public Employees Insurance Agency because that revenue stream is far too volatile to fund such a vital program. House Finance Committee Chairman Eric Nelson, R-Kanawha, and Senate Finance Committee [...]

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The News We’ve Been Waiting to Hear

Committee Substitute for HB-4268 The Cotenancy Modernization and Majority Protection Act Passes! IOGAWV is pleased to announce to its members that HB-4268, the Cotenancy Modernization and Majority Protection Act passed the full House of Delegates today! On February 15, Committee Substitute for House Bill 4268 passed the House of Delegates with two non-threatening amendments and [...]

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Why WV Needs Cotenancy

In West Virginia, a single mineral tract could have hundreds of separate owners, or cotenants. Current state statutes prevent development of a mineral tract unless ALL owners (100%) of the property agree to the proposed development; any one owner, no matter how small an interest it has, can prevent a well from being drilled. IOGAWV [...]

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