Board of Directors

IOGAWV is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of at least ten but no more than twelve members, plus the Ex-Officio Member. These Directors are elected by the Association Membership to three-year terms.

2018-2019 IOGAWV Board of Directors

President: Brett Loflin

Vice President, Program Chair, Government Affairs Co-chair: Kevin Ellis

Secretary-Treasurer, Finance Chair:  Ben Sullivan

Immediate Past President: Marc Monteleone

Director/Commerce Committee Co-chair:  James W. Crews

Director/Producers Issues Committee Chair/Government Affairs Committee Vice Chair: Jon Farmer

Director/Commerce Committee Co-chair/Communication and Education Committee Vice Chair: Jeff Isner


Director/Communications & Education Committee: Mike McCown

Director/Membership Committee Chair/Environmental Committee Vice Chair: Sam McKown

Director/Environmental Committee Chair: Bob Radabaugh

Director/Government Affairs Committee Co-chair: Sarah Smith

Director/Safety Committee Vice Chair: Todd Tetrick


Director/Safety Committee Chair: Rick Toothman