GOpac, the Gas and Oil Political Action Committee of the Independent Oil and Gas Association of West Virginia (IOGA) has endorsed 86 candidates for legislative races in the upcoming November 3, West Virginia 2020 General Election.

Charlie Burd, GOpac secretary/treasurer stated, “IOGA, is pleased to announce this list of candidates dedicated to greater public service.  We believe each to be uniquely qualified to serve our great state in making sound business-friendly decisions that benefit all hard-working West Virginia citizen’s.”

IOGA proudly represents nearly 500 producers of oil and natural gas and those that serve them in West Virginia. The oil and natural gas industry in West Virginia represent more than 15,000 direct employees. IOGA’s purpose is to promote and protect the West Virginia oil and natural gas producing industry in a variety of important ways.

For additional information, contact Charlie Burd at (304) 344-9867.

GOpac’s 2020 General Election Endorsements:

State Senate
Ryan W. Weld                                                          1st District
Mike Maroney                                                          2nd District
Donna J Boley                                                         3rd District
Amy Nichole Grady                                                 4th District
Robert H “Bob” Plymale                                         5th District
Chandler Swope                                                      6th District
Rupie Phillips                                                           7th District
David Bugs Stover                                                   9th District
Robert Lee Karnes                                                  11th District
Patrick S Martin                                                       12th District
Randy E Smith                                                         14th District
Craig P. Blair                                                            15th District
Patricia Rucker                                                        16th District
Eric Nelson Jr.                                                         17th District

House of Delegates
Mark Zatezalo                                                           1st District
Phillip Diserio                                                           2nd District
Erikka Storch                                                            3rd District
Dave Pethtel                                                              5th District
David L. Kelly                                                            6th District
Trenton Carl Barnhart                                              7th District
Bill Anderson                                                            8th District
D. “Shannon” Kimes                                                9th District
Roger Conley                                                           10th District
Vernon Criss                                                            10th District
John R. Kelly                                                            10th District
N. Riley Keaton                                                        11th District
Steve Westfall                                                          12th District
Joshua Kurt Higginbotham                                    13th District
Geoff Foster                                                             15th District
Mark Bates                                                               16th District
Daniel Linville                                                          16th District
John Mandt Jr                                                          16th District
Chad Lovejoy                                                           17th District
Matthew Rohrbach                                                  17th District
Evan Worrell                                                             18th District
Derrick Evans                                                           19th District
Jason Stephens                                                        19th District
Mark Dean                                                                 21st District
Joe Jeffries                                                               22nd District
Zack Maynard                                                           22nd District
Rodney A. Miller                                                       23rd District
Tony Paynter                                                             25th District
Ed Evans                                                                    26th District
Joe C. Ellington Jr.                                                    27th District
Marty Gearheart                                                        27th District
Doug Smith                                                                27th District
Roy G Cooper                                                            28th District
Jeffrey Pack                                                               28th District
Brandon Steele                                                          29th District
Austin Haynes                                                           32nd District
Kayla Kessinger                                                        32nd District
Roger Hanshaw                                                         33rd District
Brent Boggs                                                               34th District
Moore Capito                                                             35th District
Larry Pack                                                                  35th District
Doug Skaff Jr                                                             35th District
Chris Stansbury                                                         35th District
Chris Pritt                                                                   36th District
Chris Walters                                                              36th District
Dianna Graves                                                            38th District
Dana Ferrell                                                                39th District
Dean Jeffries                                                              40th District
Heather Tully                                                              41st District
Jeff Campbell                                                            42nd District
Bill Hartman                                                               43rd District
Caleb Hanna                                                               44th District
Carl “Robbie” Martin                                                 45th District
Adam Burkhammer                                                   46th District
Chris Phillips                                                             47th District
Danny Hamrick                                                          48th District
Laura Kimble                                                             48th District
Ben Queen                                                                 48th District
Clay Riley                                                                   48th District
Amy Summers                                                           49th District
Joey Garcia                                                                50th District
Guy Ward                                                                   50th District
Joe Statler                                                                  51st District
D.R. Buck Jennings                                                   53rd District
John Paul Hott II                                                        54th District
Gary G. Howell                                                           56th District
Ruth Rowan                                                               57th District
Ken Reed                                                                    59th District
Jason Barrett                                                             61st District
John Hardy                                                                63rd District
Eric L. Householder                                                  64th District
Paul Espinosa                                                           66th District

If you are eligible to vote in West Virginia in the upcoming November 3, 2020 General Election, GOpac and IOGA encourage you to vote and to vote for those candidates that best represent your personal and business needs.  A complete list of candidates for all office can be found at:

Please be reminded the General Election Early Voting Period is October 21, 2020 through October 31, 2020.  In addition, West Virginia Voters may vote by absentee ballot.  A complete list of the eligibility requirements and information relating to the different forms and qualifications for absentee voting in West Virginia may be viewed at the following link: Eligibility For Absentee Voting in West Virginia.